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Exercise positively affects mental health

Exercise positively affects mental health

Let's get honest for a second.

I can't tell you how many times I've skipped out on the gym because I was in a bad mood, stressed, felt upset, was overwhelmed, etc.  I thought I was doing myself a favor by nixing the gym altogether to go home and eat a comfort meal instead. I told myself that my body would really benefit from my intelligent decision. I will give my body the rest and comfort that it needs to be better tomorrow. Truth is.... I couldn't have been further from helping myself. 

Little did I know that if I could just get myself moving that I'd have feel-good endorphins pumping through my body...essentially reversing, or at least minimizing, the effects of whatever was ailing me that day. Simply put: exercise releases endorphins, aka happy chemicals. These endorphins are clinically proven to lift up one's mood, decrease stress and anxiety levels, and increase the feeling of relaxation. They are the body's natural pain meds!! 

I now use the gym as my therapy. I don't even speak to anyone while I'm there if I'm in a less-than-happy mental state. I literally tune out the world with my headphones and start lifting some dumbbells. Heck, if it's a really bad day you'll catch me on the rowing machine cranking out 30/30's like my life depends on it (because honestly, sometimes it REALLY feels like it does). 

The next time you feel like skipping the gym because of a bad day, remember this... natural. pain. meds. It's a healthy way to bring you back to your awesome self... and you'll feel WAY better about ending your day with a workout, than with a bottle of vino.  I've shared my honest experience with you, and now I'd love to hear your side! Tell me how exercise helps your daily mental health.

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